j cooper image works

*My obsession with 2 dimensional images started in the early seventies, made a natural progression from black and white to color transparencies, Kodalith, push processing, color printing ( both positive and negative), murals, and hand tinting were enjoyed along the way. Funny how a hobby turns into a business. From the late seventies until the mid nineties I enjoyed a successful career as a portrait photographer and I wish to say a belated thank you to all the people that made that experience so memorable. Times change and so did I. There was a period of disinterest, maybe distraction might be more accurate, until my wife and I bought our kids Canon digital cameras and I made the mistake of "testing" one on the Camden Harbor and discovered how cool it was to be able to instantly see what you captured. There hasn't been any looking back from that point and now I try to shoot every day. My goal is to create images that we both enjoy and that in itself is very satisfying. If I sell a few prints along the way, that will be the icing on the cake. Thanks for taking time out of your day to see my world(sizes and pricing to follow). Enjoy! *